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Conflict Mitigation Committee

Conflict Mitigation Committee:

1. Mrs. Monowara Hakim Ali -Chairman
2. Professor Dr. M. Kaykobad -Member
3. Brig. Gen. Md Mostafizur Rahman, hdmc, afwc, psc, Ph.D -Member
4. Mr. Md. Hanif Bhuiya -Member
5. Managing Director, DSE -Member

Functions of Conflict Mitigation Committee as per Regulation 15(5) of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (Board and Administration) Regulations, 2013:

The Conflict Mitigation Committee shall satisfy the Board of Directors (“Board”) that any perceived or actual conflict of interest between the Exchange's regulatory responsibilities and commercial interests is addressed. These functions include:

  • Deal with perceived or actual conflict between regulatory responsibilities and commercial interests of the Exchange; and
  • Review the adequacy of the arrangements within the Exchange for dealing with any perceived or actual conflict arising from/during:

    • the commercial interests of the Exchange to its shareholders, including any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest arising as a result of the listing of the shares of the Exchange in its own bourse;
    • supervision and monitoring disclosures made by the Directors of the Exchange in discharge of their obligation under the Code of Conduct and Ethics;
    • recommending the course of action to be taken against the disclosing Director in case any concealment or omission of material information is detected;
    • notifying the BSEC of all relevant facts, including any proposals for resolving the matter in a manner which assures the proper performance of any relevant regulatory functions; and
    • reviewing the regulatory implications and reputational risks of strategic initiatives requiring Board approval and are referred to the Committee, and to thereafter report its views to the Board.















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