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Surveillance at DSE


The main objective of the Surveillance function of the Exchange is to promote market integrity in two ways -

  • By monitoring price and volume movements (volatility) as well as by detecting potential market abuses at a nascent stage, with a view to minimizing the ability of the market participants to influence the price of the scrip/scrips in the absence of any meaningful information.

  • By managing default risk by taking necessary actions timely.


Market Abuse is a broad term which includes abnormal price/volume movement, artificial transactions, false or misleading impressions, insider trading, etc. In order to detect aberrant behavior/ movement, it is necessary to know the normal market behavior -

The department carries out investigation, if necessary, based on the preliminary examination/analysis and suitable actions are taken against members involved based on the investigation.

All the instruments traded in the market come under the Surveillance umbrella of DSE.

Surveillance activities at the Exchange are divided broadly into two major segments -

  • Price Monitoring : Price monitoring is manly related to the price movement/ abnormal fluctuation in prices or volumes etc.
  • Position Monitoring : The position monitoring relates mainly to abnormal positions of members, etc. in order to manage default risk.


Price Monitoring


The functioning of the Price Monitoring is broadly divided into following activities -

On line Surveillance

One of the most important tools of the Surveillance is the On-line Real Time Surveillance system with main objectives of detecting potential market abuses at a nascent stage to reduce the ability of the market participants to unduly influence the price and volumes of the scrips traded at the Exchange, improve the risk management system and strengthen the self regulatory mechanism at the Exchange. The system provides facility to access trades and orders of members.


Off-Line Surveillance

The Off-Line Surveillance system comprises of the various reports based on different parameters and scrutiny thereof -

  • High/ Low Difference in prices
  • % change in prices over a week/ fortnight/ month
  • Top N scrips by Turnover over a week/ fortnight/ month
  • Top N scrips by Volume over a week/ fortnight/ month
  • Trading in infrequently traded scrips
  • Scrips hitting New High / Low etc.

The Surveillance actions or investigations are initiated in the scrips identified from the above-stated reports.



Conducting in-depth investigations based on preliminary enquiries/analysis made into trading of the scrip. In case of irregularities observed , necessary actions are initiated or investigation case forwarded to SEC, if necessary through the CEO.


Surveillance Actions

  • Warning to Members
    The department may issue verbal/ written warning to member/s when market irregularities in the scrip is suspected.

  • Imposition of penalty/ suspension
    The department,through the CEO, imposes penalty or suspend the member/s who are involved in market irregularities, based on the input/ evidence available from investigation report.


Rumor verification

  • Liaising with Compliance Officers of companies to obtain comments of the company on various price sensitive corporate news items appearing in selected News Papers.

  • Comments received from the companies are disseminated to the market by way of online news bulletin.

  • Investigations based on rumor verifications are carried out, if required, to detect cases of suspected insider trading.



Position Monitoring


The Surveillance Department closely monitors outstanding exposure of members on a daily basis. For this purpose, it observes various off-line and on-line market monitoring reports. The reports are scrutinized to ascertain whether there is excessive purchase or sale position build up compared to the normal business of the member, whether there are concentrated purchases or sales, whether the purchases have been made by inactive or financially weak members and even the quality of scrips is considered to assess the quality of exposure.

The following key areas are examined to assess the market risk involved -


Online monitoring of Brokers Position

Surveillance closely monitors brokers gross turnover exposure for ensuring margin calls in time.


B/S Statement of Trading Members

Scrutinizing the statement on daily basis. It is for keeping a watch on the exposure of the members & ascertain the quality of exposures.

A detailed report on the net outstanding positions of top purchasers and top sellers in individual scrips, is prepared, if considered necessary.


Concentrated B/S

It is considered a risky issue. In case, such a situation is noticed, fundamentals of the scrips, their daily turnover, their nature of transactions are ascertained. Thereafter, based on the market risk perception appropriate surveillance actions are taken.


B/S of scrips having thin trading

It is closely scrutinized as comparatively high market risk is involved in trading in such scrips. Details of trades in such scrips, if necessary, are called from members to assess the market risk involved & decide on the appropriate surveillance action.


Verification of Institutional Trade

The institutional trades executed by the trading members are verified to ascertain the genuineness of trades.


Verification of Foreign Trade

The foreign trades executed by the trading members are verified to ascertain the genuineness of trades.


Verification of Cross Reporting Trade

The report crossing trades executed by the trading members are verified to ascertain the genuineness of trades.


Verification of Dealers own trades

Trades executed by the trading members (Dealers) are verified to ascertain the genuineness of trades.


Verification of Sponsor's Trade

The Sponsors trades executed by the trading members are verified to ascertain the genuineness of trades.


Snap Investigation

To carry out, wherever considered necessary, preliminary investigation of certain dealings to verify irregularities. Further actions, viz., referring the case for detailed investigation, referring the case to the Sec, depending on the findings of preliminary investigation.


Market Intelligence

The rumors floating in the market are verified with the data available with DSE,Newspapers, Television news channels & Reuters to ascertain the national & global factors affecting the market sentiments. This enables the Exchange to avert market problems before it causes a serious damage.


Review Block Trades

To determine -

  • whether the block was executed at a price, even if at a discount or premium which was in line with other trading of the stock.

  • whether there was any news on the company which caused the price increase or decrease subsequent to the block transaction.


Review List of Settlement Failures

To identify -

  • broker/s with frequent failures
  • a particular stock with a pattern.


Verify Company Accounts

To scrutinize company announcements, company reports, auditors qualifications & other notes of special interests in the published accounts of such company.


Review Media Information

To scrutinize press articles or other media on the daily basis, the news relevant to the share prices of companies.


Monitoring on Newly Listed Stock

To review all activities of a newly listed stock for the first 1 / 2 weeks to identify any abnormal deal.


Develop Good Liaison

To develop & maintain good liaison with staff members of SEC & listed companies & member firms as well.


Develop market contacts & to pick up Intelligence.


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